Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Siphon Fuel

"Hey what's your name?
Do you feel the same way too?
Siphon fuel don't make a sound
And most of all don't let me down
It comes as no surprise
We're destabilized
Lock eyes shared plan
No c.i.a. could understand
Defile define critique and salve
No c.i.a. no n.s.a.
No satellite could map our veins"

Funny how feelings seem to stay preserved....or mummified.whichever.
And they save you from pity.
The time between blinking eyes could be eternity
only to open with nanosecond views of the past.your face,your smile.

and then I am there.
That powder keg of potential energy that coursed in me when I was around you years ago.
It was there again.Like no time had passed.
It took every fiber to contain and maintain my composure.
I know it exists because as I write I can not put it into words.
The very title of my collection stems from moments with you.

"do you feel the same way I do?.."

It might have been because I lived simple without want.I remember laying my head down on my bedless floor and finding it difficult to erase the smile from my face.
Me and my storied history...
but it was the same to be there with you.
The comfort and combustion I found years ago still existed.
If ten more years pass before I see you,believe I will still smile the same before sleep takes me.
But I hope not.
Sometimes all we can hope for is that they ache for us like we ache for them.
This feeling is so few and far between in life or so it has been for me.
The intensity of your arms hugging me tight and keeping me from falling apart or combusting into the air and the fact that you had know idea that's what you were doing at the time.
This rejuvenation comes without ritual and circumstance that I have come to place such importance on.
It is just as it seems.
It comes as no surprise.

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