Thursday, March 12, 2009

sound and fury

It feels the way it should
like it never has before
like a flash of lightening in the dark of night
passion like bullets from a gun I know
from a gun I've heard of
in lullabies and long lost prose
but never fired with my own hands
like rituals behind closed doors
none uninvited
arms and kisses like home
like "stay here..right here..."
and never to be replaced by cheap imitations
the rest after a long journey from the dark reaches and depths of life
day after day
but constant like constellations
showing and guiding me home
a comfort that you know nothing about
I drowned in touches from April
the ones that put me to sleep
a passion that swept me and kept me up for 8 months
and a warmth that intoxicated me as it still does
I hear it when you are gone,
I hear you when I am alone.
your ecstasy echoes from the walls
a sound and fury I conquer at night
a sound and fury I conquer at night
only to collapse my heart into yours
the way I pray
the way I pray
it would be
and now is
all I ever wanted
wrapped up in blankets and drowning in slumber
the way I knew it would be