Monday, December 17, 2012

On the cusp

We dug foxholes until the blisters on our hands were no longer blisters
Our faces saturated with crude bitter earth
And blood
In record time our tombs complete
We stood above for a spell of eternity to admire the craftsmanship
I devoured the view with my eyes as I slowly fisted my sharred hands wringing with earth and blood
The smell of the coming storm swirled with the gusts of wind stealing my own breath momentarily
At that moment of swooping determination and accomplishment
I was one
I was of the earth
(Yet not in it)
I was the fucking center
Launching my steadfast gaze onto the expansive bruise colored distance
that wanted my defeat as a trophy
Not today.
And with a nod to the universe I lifted my feet from the cusp of certainty and surrendered my days to the warm arms of Gaia.
And the mortars of our enemies rang home all night
Lullabies for the ages
We writhed in our pits pulling the cold from the dirt as our bodies sunk to the core
Your face asking for how long
And my voice echoing the uncertainty
But somehow reassuring you
Not long....

Monday, May 28, 2012



7 guns,3 shots
Buried at sea
Your heart tied to my hands like a lucky charm
bound with loose ends and a schoolboy knot
the way my stomach seized up the day we met
and never returned like postcards to an old address




Monday, May 7, 2012

The Best Part of Having No Crime to Solve

 Author's note:Sometimes present feelings can only be summarized by past ramblings....

Stitched up to my addictions
and strung up to your kisses
like syringe dripped honey
shaken on my skin
embedded like ink
forever scanned and conquered
lay here with your head to my lap and rest
close those war torn eyes and hide from what you have seen
the mortars of infidelity are silenced
capped like vino
in catacombs not to be restored or stormed upon
undiscovered and unexposed
substances left and forgotten
you are safe to let these go
these hands are imprinted with your heart that they house now
Heismaned and sheltered from this day on
the elements of neglect and disregard
of frivolity and debauchery
will surely miss your vessel I am sure
as you step away
and open these doors before you
all the while your head upon my lap
cradled in a strength
bathed within these besos
I am there
broadcasting loud and clear
pen to paper
ear to the ground
but the tramples never come
they never come
we are left alone to pet the quiet of the night air together
stay here
this moment
leave this here
eyes closed
slumbered and lovely
to start tomorrow from the now
and not the then
and from this day on you rise and greet me with your lips
reassuring me that the rain in your veins has stopped pouring
and I am free to see
the smile that blooms from those lips
that contain your arsenal