Thursday, December 31, 2009

As I lay my head on your chest REPOST from 1/9/09

I wrote this almost a year ago...I believe it still holds true or I would like to believe it does...

This year I shall prove to be impervious and invincible
against the odds of years past
see they tried baby
they tried to toss the dirt on my head and lament
the passing of my sanity
but here I stand to prove them wrong
to prove them they were assholes

This year my words will not get tangled with tongues like swords
I strike precise and evident
as well I should
see baby
see I deserve this
this smile that is pressed on my lips
I have earned
trogging through these swamps of ash
for years and years
only to find my heart swaddled in your arms
I deserve this
This year I assemble the army of ghosts to fight the impending doom
and to feast at the banquet of victory
see baby
see I have secured my spot at that table
through the fog and haze I have battled my way here
to stand deserving by a soul so beautiful and intriguing
that my head swims with thoughts of tomorrow with you
my bride
see baby
this is the year
closer to the quickening
as we have waited in years past for truth
and change
and flights with the Pleiadians
shaking grey hands and toasting hoaxes
see baby
see I believe in truths and step every foothold like
it will be there forever
because it will and is
and to remain unsaturated from substances
makes this year a first
strength falls on my back as a welcomed ally
we all identify what we need
in a time of need
so save the dirt for loneliness and depression
it was a lovely service
after all

and years and years down
we will clink our glasses with grey hands to celebrate
this year of firsts
my vision tunnels and focuses as yours does
in synchronicity
as we are one
you see baby?
we deserve this year
your hand in mine
passing through these landmines
unscathed and unbowed

"loving every second of it...."

We are next

Tomorrows have always whispered in my ear like a playful lover inviting me to make out with them.
I am so hesitant to take that hand that stretches towards my heart and be lead to that place.
But I always do.Whether it is to find myself blissfully ripped open or left for dead...I still go forth.
And on to futures that promise of babies breaths and miraculous disasters I have come to accept that which peppers it's way into my head.
It's love and it is solid but cold nonetheless.
We huddle close in the storm only to separate our vessels come morning.
But we had nightfall didn't we?
We had it by the guts
and we flew over rooftops and lit fireworks for the world to taste our victory on our war torn lips.
All the while building our next step with the same brick we built our last leaving us nowhere to stand in the present.
You handed me a tomorrow like a note passed in class
folded neatly like a fallen soldiers graveside flag.
And I took it,embraced it and made love to it like conception was the only option.
So tonight I can stand and look back with grateful eyes and bow my head to your wishes like what else is love supposed to do
But wait for another tomorrow that will come from the same place as the ones that made me smile and kept me perched.
Watchful and wanting of all things to come.Whatever that may be....