Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's the little things....

Today can go as any other day
Pass it on the calendar like yesterday
but inside as the minutes pass
my smile glows bigger
my feet sink to the earth as an oak
the world can pass and not know what we whisper
in the middle of the staying
I promise they do not know
you say
that's just the sound of the page turning
the sound of your "I love you"
crushing my soul and claiming victory atop my ashes
and I can die for 1000 hours but I have never felt more alive
so this is a whisper
a thank you
an anniversary
a victory
a whisper I will never mention again
until next year.....

Ring the Alarm

"or you're sold to dying..."

You speak so sparing
yet my heart recognizes your articulations
I have trained my heart well
ready at a moments notice
for your unexpected throws
I resolve to share this blinding view
I would not settle for anything less than knowing how it ends
with my head on your chest and my ear to your heart and my breath
stolen by you
My body worn down and exhausted not even the heaviest of cavalries could
be summoned to ache me to my rest
this is what I hold in my hand
your bold beauty rings volumes
making words obsolete from sweet lips
and laying in your language I am warm and home

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blow the dust off and marvel...

I wrote this quite some time ago and just tonight I read it again.If it is possible to be jealous of myself, I am. I long to write this way again. I can not find my truth. I am not covered with it anymore. I wonder if it is all drained out of me. I hope not. Let this fog lift.....until then enjoy as I do..this kid used to be good...

What lips these lips have kissed and where and why...part one

It was very long ago.
A love that grew out of resentment for those who trampled on our hearts
and she vowed no emotions for the new year
but she let one slip
and the union held steady
our union excellent and punk
our names synonymous the way I have chased ever since
and in our youth we lived out our scorched earth policy
I burning the bridges of my family as Nero serenaded me on mother's day
and her casting long shadows for me to bathe and sleep in
covering me with her future
yea we were a team.....
and then she took off her ring
she took it off
Toby Tyler...your table is ready......
but she had to
I couldn't hold her back...her future became so huge!
how can a tragic hero like myself compete
with the blow,the pills,the yak..the herb.
"I am just in it for the ride"
she said as her nails were as jaded as her words
see she was so precise with that nail file
and I imagined how precise she was while cutting lines with the same
vanity(and the same fingers and ragged nails)
she read like a book to me
she was cut from me
and when it was time to say goodbye and off to New York New York big city of dreams
this little piggy stayed home
and cried in the front seat of his hyundai
dried my eyes and drove off from in front of her house
knowing my world turned
but who was I to make her stay
13 years gone and I wouldn't have it any other way
my LOVE is capitol even more today
see its cosmic and mere humans cant touch it
jealous asses
we are without each other
each others arms and kisses and blah fuck blah
but to have this bond is what old codgers stay together for
hoping to wake up one day and look at the
person that slumbers beside them and realize
today is the day she will understand me